case study

Fuel labelling for road vehicles

project overview

Develop and visualise landing page

In order to help consumers understand the new EV labels appearing on new vehicles and what that means for charging, the EU has agreed on new labelling requirements for newly produced vehicles and charging stations. A group of organisations created a set of informative guidelines for consumers and charge point operators. The documents are available on several languages. Our expertise was required to develop a landing page that translates this information in an accessible and user-friendly way.


Strategy & visual solutions

Animated illustrations + digital + social media 

The process involved the design of a front-end development framework for the landing page. Initial sketches of the artwork were created, before digital illustrations were integrated in the web development. The result is a responsive landing page that provides the audience with clear information in a visually appealing way.


Going climate neutral
Driving the circular economy

More work


Mapping the bio-based potential in EU Member States

eca / infographic

Cocoa supply chain