case study

Cocoa supply chain

the challenge

Visualise the cocoa supply chain in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

The European Cocoa Association (ECA) was founded with the aim of responding to several issues impacting the European cocoa sector. ECA represents a bridge between the EU and cocoa producing countries. The EU is the largest importer of cocoa from the world’s top producing countries. Our expertise was required to visualise the supply chain in two countries.

illustrations drawings


The process

The ECA expert team provided a deep inside into cocoa’s supply chain in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. Initial research was conducted by our team to evaluate current information and industry best practices. The findings and additional input led to mapping of cocoa’s supply chain and then to information design.


visual solutions

Illustrations + information design 

With cocoa’s supply chain in place, we started the creative process. Hand drawn illustrations were used to capture the unique aspect of the supply chain. Each illustration complements each other in the infographic. The information and the design balance each other to provide the viewer with a closer understanding into a complex supply chain. The infographics were formatted as A4 to allow use for various communication channels.


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