case study

Mapping the bio-based potential in EU Member States

the challenge

Visualise in several interactive publications the bio-based potential in the EU

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is a European non-profit organisation that brings together actors from different sectors and disciplines to establish a pan-European bio-based industry. Our expertise was required to visualize a series of country reports that map the bio-based potential in EU Member States and identity new opportunities for green and sustainable growth.



The process

We have been working together with BIC on various visual communications for several years which helped our understanding of BIC’s mission to create a circular bioeconomy ecosystem through innovation, investments and know-how. It was essential that we were successful in visually translating this message.

We conducted an internal audit on the content provided, evaluated the primary sources and reliability of data. Once completed we were ready to create a visual identity and visualise the content of the publications.


visual solutions

Information design + data visualisation + digital + social media

The visualization process involved several steps: 1) visual identity consistent across all the country reports, 2) customized information design and 3) the correct use of charts that fitted the data. As part of a consistent visual identity, we created a series of icons, illustrations and visuals that help the audience navigate rich content. It was essential that the visuals and the content were in perfect balance.

Equally essential was the effective data visualizations. We paid closer attention to choosing the right chart type to visualise the data, chart settings, labeling and use of typography and colors to highlight the right messages. As part of the project, 4 interactive country reports were produced (Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) as well as several visuals to communicate and inform for social media.

Mapping Lithuania's bio-based potential
Driving the circular economy
Enhancing the quality of life
Scaling-up digital tech

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