case study

FEBA 2021 Annual Convention: for a sustainable future food system 

the challenge

Develop FEBA’s 2021 Annual Convention visual identity and implement the communication campaign

FEBA is a growing network of Food Banks whose mission is to contribute to reducing food insecurity in Europe, through food waste prevention and the call for solidarity, by supporting and developing Food Banks in countries where they are most needed. COVID-19 has placed the global economy under tremendous strain.

2021 can be regarded as the foundation stone for a profound renewal of our food system, bringing it at the centre of the political agenda and going beyond the “business as usual” approach. Our support was required to develop the visual identity of FEBA’s 2021 Annual Convention and together to implement several digital communications materials.



The process

The experience of having been working with FEBA for years proved invaluable. FEBA’s membership impact towards a sustainable future food system is highly significant. We have also conducted additional research that went beyond Europe in terms of sustainable initiatives in the food supply chain.

These two elements provided us with a solid starting point to create the Convention’s visual identity and implement the communication plan.


visual solutions

Event visual identity + digital illustrations + social media

The visual identity was developed around the theme of solidarity and collaboration as the driving force behind a sustainable future system. This was visually translated in hands held together. The symbol of unity was used on all illustrations we developed for the communication & marketing of the event such as email signature, web illustrations, social media visuals, etc.

Additionally, we have used icons to visually highlight FEBA’s model for a sustainable food system: 1) access to food & food security, 2) impact of Food Banks & food donation, 3) Access to dialogue at global level, and 4) sustainable planning for the future.


More work

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