We are the only Brussels-based platform specialised in political infographics and visual communications.

About us

dotinfographics. is a small team of experts in design and communication. We help you define visual content strategies.

We work mainly with European trade associations, NGOs and EU institutions to translate information in a visual form.

We take pride in long-term partnerships and a shared understanding of the power of visual communications. Our objective is to create content that stands out from the crowd, is relevant and visually engaging.

What makes us different?

Each story is unique. Each design has to be original, customised to your organisation’s values and objectives. We are your best partner to work together on your next visual communications project.


Content evaluation.

Each project starts with the accuracy & reliability evaluation of the content. We identify together the main messages, arguments, outcomes and create the story for the target audience.

Visual concepts

Unique visual concepts. Design with a purpose.

Reliable content and interesting stories are essential, but they also have to be appealing. Our creative team will come up with an original design concept, specific to you and your story.


Experienced at what we do.

We work mainly on visual communications and mainly with organisations interested to define or influence EU policies. It is highly probable we have a pretty good idea of the services you need. With over 70 successful projects delivered for various industries in print or digital, we have the right solution for you.

Our Clients

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